Helping people and
increasing profitability aren't
mutually exclusive.

We're here to help you do both.
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How can you help people and grow the business at the same time?
There are different ways this can be done. Some projects create jobs, others provide training and qualifications, some provide mentoring that enables people to grow and changes business culture. We review your business operations, vision, challenges and needs and tailor-make solutions to fit you.

What is CSR?
Well... corporate social responsibility. It 'officially' covers organisations making a positive impact on society. Primarily the planet and people. But having a better environment positively impacts people, so really CSR is about people. It can be those with significant need – perhaps hidden disabilities or homelessness – as well as helping employees by giving them a sense of purpose and developing new skills.

What is co-production?
We talk about this a lot. We bring together lots of different types of people and organisations. They can be charities or totally unrelated companies. We seek out ways they can provide solutions together. Together they make a bigger impact on society than acting alone.

Where do I start with CSR?
There’s a lot of choice available. The best starting point is understanding gaps locally. Then look at your business and how you can impact people. The aim is to make whatever you do sustainable – which is why growth for your business is fundamental. If you need some help or advice we’re here, your best initial contact is John on or contact a member of the team