Atos-ANTZ Mentor Programme

Atos is a worldwide digital leader.

Their aim was to drive far-reaching social change; reducing crime, creating jobs and improving mental health.

Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme

One of its commitments is to drive social value and support its communities, as expressed in its Public Services pledge. The Atos ANTZ Mentor programme is one of its leading examples of social value, leveraging its capabilities and strengths, as well as those of its clients, to address societal challenges. 

Atos & ANTZ UK have been in partnership since 2014 when Atos joined the Antz Network. In 2015 Atos and ANTZ UK become partners, co-creating the Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme.  The programme brings businesses and hard-to-reach communities together to achieve social impact and life-changing outcomes.  It aligns with Atos’s clients’ priorities of reducing re-offending, preventing crime, creating employability and improving mental health.  

The programme also provides meaning and growth for its programme mentors, which includes Atos employees, clients and suppliers.

AAMP London Mentoring Session
AAMP Manchester Mentoring Session

We are proud to partner Atos in this inclusive business-led, person-centred programme.

Atos employees are trained as mentors and supported by ANTZ. As mentors they help people hard to reach in the community, including people in prison and prison leavers.  They provide skills and support, both practically and emotionally, helping mentees find jobs, gain further education, make informed choices and commit to meaningful roles in society.  There is no end date to the support given - it continues as long as it is needed.

The programme started with HMP Forest Bank and local Manchester charities Yes, Manchester and Greater Manchester Youth network. It expanded to London, supporting HMP Bronzefield and Immediate Theatre and involving Atos clients as mentors too.

Since its inception, the programme has produced over £1.4 million in societal cost savings, making a difference that really is changing people’s lives.  


Ministry of Juctive, Tier 1, Sodexo, Allvotec, HM Prison & Probation Service, Antz Junction, GMCVO, Immediate Theatre, YES Manchester, Greater Manchester Youth Network, Justlife, Oliver, Voice Box inc, Wigan Youth Zone, Talent Match, elan, Ell R Leisure, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation, Greater Manchester Probation 

Antz Services

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  • Consultancy
  • Measurement
  • Networking
  • Supply Chain Impact
  • Procurement Bids and Tenders


£1.4m+ cost-saving to society

96 mentees have been supported on the programme 

40 Atos mentors supporting individuals 

44 mentees have gone into employment and no longer require support

40 mentees went into training/education

224 hours mentor training and supervision provided by ANTZ

3,995 hours donated by business mentors 

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Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme
Mentoring in action
Mentor Atos-ANTZ Mentor Programme

I originally signed up to help make a difference. So far, what has surprised me is how humbling the experience has been to appreciate the challenges people have had to face and then find the resilience and determination to change their lives around.

Mentee Atos-ANTZ Mentor Programme

I think my mentor is amazing. She has great listening skills.She has helped me through confidence issues and has given me great advice on how to overcome interview worries. Thank you so much.

Valerie Elliott, Mentor and Director of Client Engagement, Public Services Atos

With the challenge of the recent climate, ANTZ are to be applauded in the way they have adapted ways of working and crusaded changes to enable communities to continue to gain the support they need.

Becky Harding, Project Coordinator, Antz Junction

Together, we work with our members on personal and professional development, empowering them to work towards their life goals. As a through the gate coach, it is such a rewarding experience to help people turn their lives around and I am so proud to be part of a programme that really does make a difference.

Mentee Atos-ANTZ Mentor Programme

The support was unbelievable...I learnt that anything was possible with hard work and determination regardless of your environment. The mentoring programme gave me the confidence to go into society again.

Alex Robinson, Account Director at ANTZ

I have been involved with the programme for 2 years and the strength and determination of everyone involved to change people's lives is amazing. Atos understands what it takes to drive long term sustainable social value and impact local communities while growing commercially.