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In 2018 we partnered with I’m Wall’s to delivery their Social Impact programme through our winning model.

I’m Wall’s is about giving everyone the chance to get into work, particularly people who feel unsupported or excluded from the job market. I'm Wall's supports participants to learn new skills and enables them to build a brighter future.

It's a stepping stone into employment for many who would otherwise be overlooked. This is part of a global programme to tackle the societal challenge of unemployment.

I'm Wall's 2019 Celebration Event
I'm Wall's 2019 Celebration Event

The programme supports people with barriers to employment. These barriers can be visible or invisible and may have caused them to have been out of the job market for a while. It's a programme that helps break down those barriers and gives people the confidence and skills to start building their career.

I'm Wall's is built on collaboration. It's a programme that is made possible by partners coming together to change the lives of people who need a helping hand in the job market. We provide a support network and give people real work experience and a path into long-term employment. Finding a job, building a career and developing professionally helps people find purpose and routine, learn new skills and enable personal growth.

I'm Wall's has been running in the UK since 2015. By 2018 we had created a scalable, sustainable and successful programme.


115+ UK partners including Twycross Zoo, Department of Work and Pensions, Alton Towers, Antz Junction, Shaw Trust, San Remo, Whipsnade Zoo, Warwick Castle, Landau, Mencap, Autism Bedfordshire, Gulliver’s World and Gulliver’s Land.

Antz Services

  • Networking
  • Supply Chain Impact
  • 1-2-1 Support
  • Measurement
  • Training
  • Social Value Framework
  • Alternative Recruitment
  • Consultancy
  • Strategy
  • Mentoring


98 new jobs created

400 lives impacted

128 referral partners across the UK

26 placement providers on board

220 business hours donated

£345,000 total savings to society

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John Chapman, Business Buddy I'm Wall's

Being a mentor (Business Buddy) was my involvement with our projects which support people in the community. The young people I mentored were inspiring given the challenges they faced and their determination to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Miguel Marti, European Head of I'm Wall's

To bring inclusivity, it's crucial to align all views and ANTZ played the most important job... Their expertise, vision and determination make them a key partner to succeed.

I'm Wall's Participant

Before this, I was doing nothing, my disability coach referred me. The project hugely improved my standard of life as I am now back in work. My biggest achievement has been starting an adult learning course and finding what I want to do as a job.

I'm Wall's Participant

With the right support, I have learnt to manage my condition. I've channelled my thoughts into a positive approach to my work. "I am more confident when applying for new jobs as I have lots of new skills to offer.

I'm Wall's Participant

Everybody has been welcoming and friendly. The least enjoyable part of the programme was the end date!

Alex Robinson, Customer Account Manager, Leisure and Foodservice Out Of Home Ice Cream.

It has been humbling to see the transformation of the participants, but also our employees & supply chain as they connect with the programme. A big thank-you to the ANTZ team in bringing the network together and supporting everyone through their I'm Wall's Journey.