Kick-Start Online Training

ANTZ partners working together to provide online training and pathways to future opportunities to communities during COVID-19 crisis.

Kick-Start is an online COVID impact programme providing online training/support, targeting those affected by the pandemic and those hard to reach in the community. The programme has been developed & delivered by Antz Junction, in collaboration with ANTZ and its network partners. 

Antz Junction identified a need due to the overwhelming response it got from its first online ‘Kick-Start Your Career’ session which was an adaption of a face to face delivery model they had been running with the National Lottery Awards for All grant.  The 1st session had 114 people register to attend the online event. The diversity of needs was very apparent and once we had not seen before due to the impact of COVID-19. 

By working in collaboration with businesses within the ANTZ network, Antz Junction was able to extend its programme by businesses donating their time and expertise to develop programmes which fulfilled the ‘need’ identified by Antz Junction. 

The Kick-Start programme provides pathways and opportunities via the Antz Junction Community Hub, which is a network for people needing or giving support to each other. 

By working with the ANTZ network and its partners, Antz Junction has been able to widen the programme impact and now includes the following sessions, with more in development.  

ANTZ has worked with our partners to develop innovative, interactive online training sessions available for free to everyone. 


Antz Junction, Housebrands Toolkits Ltd, Kate Thorpe Therapy and Coaching, Direct-Path Consulting Ltd, Addi’d Value Marketing, City Folk Digital, Cidori

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265 session bookings (May-November 2020)

6 ANTZ Partners working together to support communities

21.5 hours of online training delivered across 13 sessions (May-November 2020)

50+ hours donated by ANTZ Partners in delivery of programme (May-November 2020)

Fenella McCarthy, Housebrands

We have found working with ANTZ a rewarding experience. There has never been a more important time to re-evaluate the way we do business and how we create value in society. ANTZ are leading the way and shining a beacon with their determination, adaptability and commitment.

Glenn White, City Folk Digital

ANTZ take their community mission seriously, they are professionals looking for to engage and grow their network. They are great people who make you feel part of the team. We look forward to working alongside ANTZ and contributing to their fantastic initiatives.

Adeline Bibby, Addi'd Value

I have found working with Antz Junction on the Kick-Start programme a great opportunity to give something back.I hope we turn it into a long-term project and relationship to reach more people.

Alex Robinson Account Director ANTZ UK

I worked with Antz Junction to deliver their Kick Start Your Career programme online. As a network, we developed support for those that needed it most. I have been humbled by the interactions with the community & businesses. Working in collaboration is the only way forward.