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Clarity Employment for blind people

Since 1854 CLARITY's mission has been to enable blind and disabled people to generate their own income, thus supporting their families and reduce dependency on welfare.

Supported by many famous people; our first patron was Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens wrote an article, Working in the Dark which he sold to support us. Winston Churchill was a wonderful supporter and currently, we have Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry working with us Now, 162 years later our mission remains the same, but our passion to support disadvantaged people has grown. We now employ 90 blind and disabled staff in our factory, producing a range of high-quality toiletries and cleaning products. We want to employ a further 24 blind, disabled and disadvantaged people over the next 12 months in Greater Manchester.

CLARITY oatmeal organic soap
CLARITY oatmeal organic soap

CLARITY customers in the Northwest understand that one small change in buying our products makes a huge difference to our staff. Ethical buying and social responsibility is easy and rewarding, moreover, it's the right thing to do and it changes lives.CLARITY has new offices at GMCC - ANTZ Social Enterprise Centre (Commerce House, Bolton), and are proud partners in ANTZ Network and provide valuable work experience for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including office administration and customer relation skills. 

CLARITY makes it very simple for businesses to develop Corporate Social Responsibility by buying from us and demonstrating ethical procurement to their customers, setting them apart from the competition. 

Social Value Pricing

The price paid for products normally covers the cost of the actual product plus administration, marketing, advertising, retail infrastructure etc. In contrast, the price of CLARITY products is largely made up of the costs of employing our staff and is therefore directly attributable to social impact in terms of 'days employed'.


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