New Beginnings Health and Wellbeing Online Workshop

This is a session designed to give you the tools to improve your general health and wellbeing and delivered Becky Harding (ANTZ Mental Health First Aider and qualified counsellor) in collaboration with Kate Thorpe Therapy & Coaching.

Build your confidence and mental strength.

This training is for you if you are looking to improve your general health and wellbeing, feel better about yourself, or even improve your sleep patterns.

We’ll talk about:

  • Understanding your mind and how anxiety keeps you trapped where you are
  • How to handle and reduce anxiety - practical and emotional tools
  • Overcoming repetitive negative thoughts and fears

So you can:

  • Feel calmer and more in control every day
  • Sleep better
  • Think more clearly
  • Build confidence and mental resilience to take the next steps you need towards your goals.

You will require Internet access and Microsoft Teams to join this interactive session, made up of presentations, videos, workshop activities.

Wednesday 09 March 2022 Start 13:00 Ends 14:30





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