New Beginnings Social Media for Work Online Workshop

Build your social media job search skills, confidence and profile.

This training is for you if you are looking to improve your social media job search skills so that you can reach audiences you would not usually try.

We will cover:

  • Find the right Social Media platform to aid your job search
  • Overview of the most popular social media platforms
  • Social Media platform differences - tone and voice
  • Social Media jargon buster
  • Getting the most out of #hashtags
  • Building a positive and far-reaching profile for your audience
  • Create a new profile or use an existing account?
  • Identifying the audience you would like to see your posts
  • Building a positive professional brand image
  • Getting started and building relationships – strategies for success
  • Following other accounts and joining groups relevant to your search
  • Grow Your Network
  • Step by step - setting up a professional LinkedIn Profile
  • Best practice for uploading your profile and banner images
  • Key elements of your LinkedIn profile to drive interest
  • Gaining a positive reputation via Endorsements and Recommendations
  • Free online tool recommendations to help you create your professional image

By the end of the session:
You will be ready to build a professional and far-reaching profile on the Social Media platform of your choice - putting your best digital foot forward in the world of online job search and networking. 

You will require Internet access and Microsoft Teams to join this interactive session, made up of presentations, videos, workshop activities.

Wednesday 14 September 2022 Start 11:00 Ends 12:30





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