Atos ANTZ New Beginnings Programme Showcase

Supporting local Cumbria and London communities.

Join our 45-minute programme showcase.

ANTZ and our network partner Atos want to do more to support Cumbria and London communities, we need your support to enable us to do that.

ANTZ is a Social Impact organisation already working in your area, but we want to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of your community.

We can only do this by providing a pathway to be part of the conversation.

Our first community engagement is delivering business-led, community-driven online and face-to-face workshops focused on health and wellbeing, employability and starting your own business. These workshops provide an opportunity to learn new skills, gain knowledge and be part of the conversation.

This programme showcase will give you an introduction to the Atos ANTZ New Beginnings programme, explain why we need your support and the benefits to your organisation and community.

You will need internet access and Microsoft Teams to participate.

Thursday 26 January 2023 Start 12:00 Ends 12:45





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