ANTZ Social Value Thought Leaders Event

Join us for an inspiring and impactful gathering of Social Value Thought Leaders.

This event will bring together individuals who are actively shaping and influencing lives, both in and out of work. The primary focus of this event is to facilitate discussions and the exchange of best practices, driven by a shared passion to drive a positive impact of Social Value/ESG forward in the UK.

This event is a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the collective effort of making Social Value the driving force that it should be in the UK.

Join us in shaping a future where social responsibility is a cornerstone of positive change, both at work and in the broader community.

ANTZ, with our 15 years of experience, has been actively working with clients and network partners.

We have embedded our Responsible Framework into Social Value delivery, strategically reducing risks to businesses, employees, and the communities we impact bringing structure and governance. Our commitment is rooted in ensuring a legacy that transcends generations. The framework itself is built on creating governance and structure on a foundation of training that embeds a standard of delivery - providing consistency and sustainability to the programmes we support.

ANTZ has always ensured that everyone has a seat at the table. This forum is no different.

It has been organised in direct response to the requests from our extensive network, and we are eager to make it happen. This event is an opportunity for us to come together, support each other, and collectively continue our journey in changing lives and reducing costs to society.

Join us in this shared mission to shape a future where Social Value is not just a tick-box strategy or discussion, but a guiding force, creating positive change for the benefit of all. Together, let's build a legacy that will resonate for generations.

This event is invite only.

To find out more email or call 01619895288/07775661982.

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Thursday 13 June 2024 Start 16:00 Ends 19:00




Waterhouse Restaurant, 10 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ

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