The Voice of ANTZ Millennials (Published: 18 Feb 2021)
The Voice of ANTZ Millennials (Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash)

Without a doubt, millennials are a societal force when it comes to impacting the way Social Value is done in our communities.

They are everyday change-makers who identify more directly with issues than entrenched institutions.

Millennials care about the social issues that ANTZ tackle.

At the same time, however, they engage on behalf of people who cannot speak for themselves. To a degree not seen in any previous generation, millennials see themselves in the shoes of others who do not look like them, speak the same language, have the same education, or come from the same background-perhaps because of their high level of diversity.

What millennials value is collective actions and networks. That is why they partner with ANTZ as we have a unified network that supports positive community change through innovative local collaborations. We bring together local communities, businesses, as well as voluntary and public sectors to develop sustainable solutions to local issues. 

Millennial and ANTZ UK Limited Partnership Development Sales Lead, Harriet Geddes strongly believes in building businesses that better society. There are four social impact pillars that Harriet has highlighted as a reoccurring theme within ANTZ millennial partners. “The ANTZ Network partners that are founded or run by millennial’s are driven actively by investing in an improved society to solve social problems; they prioritize their societal impacts; they are transparent about their efforts, and we often find that they include their clients in their social endeavours. Organisation values we are proud to say encompass the ANTZ Network”.

Millennials take an innovative approach to create change & ANTZ UK Limited Network Partner Alex Winstanley, Founder & Managing Director of Happy Smiles Training CIC is a great example of this. Alex is an experienced teacher and qualified SENCO. He has been a personal carer to young adults for many years. Social Value has been at the heart of Alex’s career, whilst he studied for his master’s degree in education, he worked on a social development project in Ghana. Alex set up Happy Smiles in 2019 to create more cohesive and inclusive communities.

Happy Smiles Training is a community interest company, an organisation that provide interactive training workshops, focusing on aspects of disability awareness and social inclusion. The organisation was set up to provide positive role models for young disabled people. So far 2,104 people have been positively impacted by Happy Smiles. Alex comments that “I am extremely passionate about equal opportunities and person-centred inclusion for all. That’s why I’ve joined ANTZ as I feel Happy Smiles and ANTZ values align”. Its millennials like Alex who set up an organisation that pave the way for social shifts in CSR.

CEO & Founder of ANTZ UK Limited and Antz Junction, Jen Gillies Pemberton joins the conversation, mentioning that “Millennials in our network are changing the way social impact is made and Alex is proof of that. Across the board, how millennials look at social value and their own actions or contribution to their community is fundamentally different from the way the generations before them did. And I think that is important for all of us to understand”.

Young professionals are altering the landscape of social change, not only within the ANTZ network but in the wider world of corporate social responsibility.

Millennials want businesses to shift their purpose.

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