Greater Manchester rapidly becoming Social Value hub as ANTZ restructures to support UK expansion into Europe creating Inclusive Growth for all. (Published: 18 Aug 2017)

Swinton-based ANTZ which brings businesses and charities together to support commercial growth while at the same time increasing charitable impact restructuring following a period of rapid growth.

ANTZ started out in Greater Manchester in 2011. Since then it has expanded to include operations in the Midlands, London and Netherlands and now has a team of over 10 staff and over 200 business and charity members. ANTZ works with businesses including ATOS, Marriott, Sodexo and Unilever along with charities and social enterprises including, Voice Box, Speed Of Sight, CSIN (Community Social Inclusion Network), Justlife and the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation.

Chief Executive and Founder Jen Gillies Pemberton, who was heading up ANTZ Manchester, will now be concentrating on delivering innovative services and partnerships across all sectors. Membership and Communications Director John Chapman takes over the day to day responsibility for ANTZ in Greater Manchester with a focus on driving membership and delivering services.

Says Jen: “There is no doubt in my mind that where Greater Manchester is taking the lead others will follow. What ANTZ is now showing is that the old CSR model is out of date – it’s possible for charities and companies to work together in a way that is much more strategic and has more impact - changing lives, supporting communities and reducing societal costs locally and regionally whilst helping deliver business goals more effectively than before.”

Jen gives the example of ANTZ’s work with Manchester-based company Tier 1 which specialises in the ethical and secure disposal of end-of-life IT equipment. Tier 1 has worked with the ANTZ Through the Gate project to support ex-offenders and give them employment opportunities. Tier 1 started working with ANTZ in 2012 and since then has seen a significant increase in turnover.

Comments Tier 1’s Jonathan Rose. “I can honestly say that working with ANTZ has transformed our business and how we operate. It’s business growth that provides the financial resource to empower you to deliver and sustain your Social Value and enable it to thrive. As a company, we are more successful than ever before but more than that we have helped change lives, supporting over 30 ex-offenders. It’s been amazing.”