ANTZ Chief Executive and Founder Jen Gillies Pemberton welcomes new Impact for Investing Report and says “businesses across UK need to start doing business differently now”. (Published: 17 Oct 2017)
ANTZ Chief Executive and Founder Jen Gillies Pemberton

ANTZ Chief Executive and Founder Jen Gillies Pemberton welcomes new Impact for Investing Report and says “businesses across UK need to start doing business differently now”. Greater Manchester based ANTZ has welcomed a new report from The UK National Advisory Board for Impact Investing (UK NAB). ANTZ brings organisations together to create inclusive growth for all while at the same time increasing charitable impact and enabling businesses to deliver social value.

ANTZ Chief Executive and Founder Jen Gillies Pemberton was invited to the London launch event last night (October 17), hosted by UK NAB Chair Michele Giddens, along with ANTZ member Tier 1 which specialises in the ethical disposal of IT equipment. ANTZ enables many organisations like Tier 1 to align corporate and social strategy to create inclusive growth for all.

The UK NAB report “The Rise of Impact: Five Steps Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy”, is aimed at business leaders, investors and Government. It identifies five areas where action is required to build an inclusive economy that accelerates the rise of purposeful business and enables more people and places to benefit from economic success. This includes in the realm of social value, where UK NAB recommends the Government puts much more emphasis on social procurement. This is an approach being championed by Manchester City Council and ANTZ’ Jen Gillies Pemberton says it is a trend that is only going to increase across more local authorities and businesses both in the UK and globally.

Says Jen: “Impact Finance is the future of funding for a more inclusive way for the world to have purpose when doing business and it’s different. ANTZ is committed to challenging the route to enable impact finance to reach all. What ANTZ partner Tier 1 has shown is that you can have a company which has a massive societal impact and by doing so doesn’t just maintain its profit levels but actually increases them. That’s the power of a true social value model. Everyone benefits – the business, charities and the local community. That’s what makes social value so powerful and why the old CSR way of doing things is rapidly becoming obsolete.”

Jonathan Rose, Founder and Managing Director of Whitefield based Tier 1 agrees: “I can honestly say that working with ANTZ has transformed our business and how we operate. As a company, we are more successful than ever before but more than that we have helped change lives sorting over 30 ex-offenders so far.”

ANTZ started in Greater Manchester in 2011. Since then it has expanded to include operations in the Midlands, London and the Netherlands with over 200 business and charity members including Marriott, Unilever, VoiceBox, SE Recycling Ltd and the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation.

UK NAB is the UK’s voice in a Global Steering Group of 15-member states plus the EU, chaired by Sir Ronald Cohen, which was established as the successor to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce set up during the UK presidency of the G8. It is composed of a diverse group of senior leaders drawn from across the public, private and non-profit sectors of the economy, united by a single vision: to build an including and sustainable economy by ensuring that measurable impact is regularly embraced as a deliberate driver in investment and business decisions, to create better outcomes for all stakeholders and wider society. Chaired by Michele Giddens (co-founder of Bridges Funds Management), its members include David Blood (co-founder of Generation Investment), Saker Nusseibeh (CEO of Hermes Investment Management), Sacha Romanovitch (CEO of Grant Thornton), and Hazel Blears (former Labour MP).

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