ANTZ Chief Executive and Founder Jen Gillies Pemberton welcomes the social value group’s expansion into the Midlands as it starts a new partnership with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce (Published: 07 Feb 2018)
ANTZ Chief Executive and Founder Jen Gillies Pemberton

More and more businesses are embracing a social value model as a way of driving profits, while also supporting community growth.

ANTZ Chief says President’s Club event shows that the old model of businesses giving to charity is broken.

ANTZ already partners with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Greater Manchester-based ANTZ, which already advises Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce members on Social Value, is now expanding its network UK-wide including with a new partnership starting this month with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce.

ANTZ, which is headquartered in Swinton, Greater Manchester and which started out as a network for businesses and charities to come together in the North West, is experiencing rapid growth. Through its partnership with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce ANTZ will provide training in social value and services to help organisations in the West Midlands increase their community impact.

Welcoming the new partnership with ANTZ, Black Country Chamber of Commerce’s David Hadley says: “The Black Country Chamber of Commerce is delighted to be working in partnership with ANTZ, the work they’ve done in other regions so far is fantastic and we’re looking forward to seeing that being emulated in the Midlands.

“Social Value is something we should all be building in to our working culture; ANTZ will help our businesses to truly connect, engage and support charities in our local communities.”

ANTZ Chief Executive and Founder Jen Gillies Pemberton says the media storm around The President’s Club charity dinner shows that “the old model of businesses as the benefactor and charities as the grateful recipient of funds is coming to an end.” The way forward instead, she says, is for charities and businesses to work together on jointly owned objectives where both sides benefit.

Says Jen: “Charities are enablers – they get things done in their local communities and can help drive business success. But too often they are treated as nothing more than a way for a company to look good. And charities also need to see how businesses can help them increase their impact in other ways – It’s not all about money – it’s about time and expertise too.

“The difference between charity and a true Social Value Model is that everyone benefits – the business, charities, and the local community. That’s what makes social value so powerful and why more and more companies are looking at ways it can help their business.”

ANTZ started in Greater Manchester in 2011. It is now expanding its operations into the Midlands, London and the Netherlands and has over 200 business and charity members including Marriott, Unilever, Voice Box Inc, SE Recycling and the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation.