Ollie Ollerton and ANTZ unlock prisoners’ potential at HMP Forest Bank (Published: 09 Oct 2023)
Ollie Ollerton | BreakPoint

HMP Forest Bank has partnered with ANTZ and former UK SAS: Who Dares Wins TV host and motivational speaker Ollie Ollerton to deliver insightful sessions to young and veteran prisoners.

Drawing from his personal experience in crisis situations, Ollie Ollerton spoke on 28 September to 18 prisoners and ANTZ partners at HMP Forest Bank through a series of ground-breaking workshops, giving them the tools to break down physical and mental barriers and discover their potential. 

The sessions aimed at empowering those with six months or less remaining on their sentence to boost their confidence, helping them break the cycle of re-offending and ultimately providing prisoners with the support they need from the start of their rehabilitation journey.

Some activities included mapping out a plan of action in groups to resolve tough military situations.

The first of its kind, the workshop was trialled at HMP Forest Bank, with plans to develop the programme further to drive positive impact, bringing businesses and communities together.

Sarah Evans, Head of Education, Work and Skills at HMP Forest Bank, said: “The positive resettlement of prisoners back into our communities has always been a priority for us. Through these workshops and our partnership with ANTZ and Ollie Ollerton, we’re seeing an opportunity to boost prisoners’ self-esteem so they can find a new direction in life or embrace new vocations, helping them turn their backs on crime for good.”

Jen Pemberton, CEO & Founder of ANTZ, added: “What we are currently doing to reach those hidden from society is not enough, we need to do something dramatically differently. We must continue to explore different ways of engagement, hence why ANTZ is working with Ollie Ollerton and his team to unlock the hidden potential in our prisons.”

“We are so proud of the work we do, and our ANTZ network partners who are leading the way and shifting the dial on how doing business differently impacts lives and we will continue to do this from a business-led platform.” 

Ollie Ollerton, Managing Director at BreakPoint, said: “It was an inspirational day at HMP Forest Bank, working alongside young and veteran prisoners. More to come…”

A former UK Special Forces operative, Ollie Ollerton leverages his experience from the military field into his BreakPoint training programmes, helping participants unleash their potential through an improved mindset – leading to better motivation, performance and productivity.

In addition to motivational workshops, HMP Forest Bank has developed a range of vocational and educational courses into several industries replicating a working environment, giving prisoners the tools, they’ll need to rebuild their life back into the community.

Sodexo has been encouraging businesses to proactively engage with skilled and qualified ex-offenders through its Starting Fresh programme, forming part of Sodexo’s Social Impact Pledge.