We have built one of the most inclusive and extensive networks in the UK – made up of corporate partners, charity and 3rd sector organisations. 

In 2011 we created unique networking events for like-minded people. Those who want to make a difference to people’s lives. We also saw it as a way to bring about co-production; that is, bringing people together to create greater impact both commercially and socially.

We now run networking events across the year. These are free to all ANTZ partners.  If you’re not already a partner, get in touch about the benefits of being an ANTZ partner as we would love to have you on board.

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Supply Chain Impact

Where you already have a Social Value or CSR strategy in place, you can greatly increase your impact through your suppliers.

This can be either through getting them involved in your programme, or by their commitment to grow their own social value. 

ANTZ can advise and facilitate on the best supply chain approach, and support your suppliers too. For an initial chat contact John on or any of the team. 

1-2-1 Support

Procurement Bids and Tenders

As Local Authorities and companies embrace ‘social values’ they put greater emphasis on this in their tenders.

Local authorities alone have increased CSR score allocation so it now makes up 10-20% of total scores. Some companies have followed suit as social values become a fundamental part of business tenders. They are not only here to stay; they are increasing in prominence.

The good news is a robust and measurable CSR strategy strengthens your position and is achievable. 

Find out more about how ANTZ can help you to make a difference in the what we do and how we do it sections – or get in touch here.


Our person-centric measurement tool has been developed by
and is unique to ANTZ.

It enables each person's journey to be measured and gives you access to accurate reports and richness of data in real-time. You can see the reach and diversity of people taking part in a programme, how many are in work, numbers being supported, £savings to the UK taxpayer and ROI in time and money.

The system also measures health and wellbeing and time given by your business in the programme (for example, time mentors spend with participants).  The measures are multi layered and include participants, charities, business, and NGO’s.

You get total visibility and measurable impact from the work you’re doing – whether it’s locally, nationally or beyond. Such data is invaluable in supporting business development efforts, securing new business and sustaining social value in work and out.

So, at the end of the year you can say, “we really made a difference” and have the facts and figures to prove it. Or even better.. when you hear the stories about people whose lives you’ve fundamentally changed. Now that’s the best feeling.

For more information on how we measure impact contact Christian at or 07782 200790.

See our case studies and some of the results here.


ANTZ Training courses are run in a number of areas:

Social Value Training

This training helps you and your organisation go beyond volunteering or donating to charities when it comes to CSR/social value. On this half-day course, we help you identify ways to either create your CSR strategy or redefine it through insights and practical exercises.

You will learn about the different ways to implement an effective CSR plan, supplier-chain opportunities, and meet like-minded individuals. As social value (CSR) is now changing, this course keeps you current and ready to adapt.

Mentor training

This world-class Mentor Programme is business-led. It enables business mentors to connect with and support people in society through purposeful activity. As a result of their training and commitment, mentors also help to shift the culture in the business.

ANTZ devise full mentor programmes for organisations and bespoke courses for smaller groups. Courses create understanding in how to support and work with people furthest away from work and society, identify and mitigate potential risks, develop new skills and show how to build relationships.

Mentors have an amazing opportunity to change both the mentee’s life and their own. 

For more details contact Jen, Christian or Dan at

Challenge events

Our series of challenge events educate and provide insights into challenges that we face as a society and that need addressing. We provide you with information about the issue, expert opinion, how to tackle the challenge, and ways to get involved to make a difference. Find out more in the events section.


Social Value Framework

Alternative Recruitment

Alternative recruitment is a way to reach people who are hidden from most of us in society. It creates new opportunities and an engaging route into work for them. Through it, employers also find hidden talent for their sector, change people's lives and reduce costs to society. It’s a triple-win.

We can target the right people (with disabilities, difficulties with mental health, homeless etc) through our diverse network. These include charity partners, Community Interest Companies (CICs), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Local Authorities.

To ensure the success of alternative recruitment we run business-led mentor programmes. Mentors support both the employee and employer and help to create a sustainable and measured outcome. Such support can continue long after the job placement has been made.

To find out more about alternative recruitment please contact or call 0161 989 5293


Our consultancy service enables you to align your business strategy and your social strategy. We develop CSR (or social value) solutions that provide business growth and meet your social purpose.

This involves taking time to understand your culture, your product or service, business challenges, ambitions (both corporate and social) and areas where CSR can positively solve business challenges (eg. in recruitment, tenders).

From this we create strategic recommendations and an outline plan of your social value purpose to take forward and implement.

Over time the intention is to move the culture of your business to one where everyone embraces social value and it becomes part of your DNA and second-nature.  

Professional Counselling