What We Do

Often referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),
we’ve turned it on it’s head.
This isn’t a responsibility, it’s a desire to
change lives, to give something back.

And we’re doing it right now.

In brief, we help you grow your business and impact society at the same time.
It’s a consultation service where we formulate strategies around CSR
(we prefer ‘social value’ but CSR is better known) before going on to create
a plan of action and deliver it through our network on the ground.

It’s a complete service - wherever you are on your CSR/social value journey.

We provide:

- A way to bring your business and social strategies together that delivers impact.

- A tailored CSR solution. There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions, as similarly there are no ‘off the shelf’ people.

- A highly-targeted way to reach the right people, locally, regionally or nationally.

- Commercial business growth – ensuring your programme is sustainable.

- Accurate reporting – showing in real time people helped, direct £savings and more.

- Access to local organisations who understand local people and their needs.

- The expertise and proven results to successfully deliver CSR programmes.

Supporting people in work at an office job