The ANTZ approach to CSR is distinctive.

There are different sides to what we do:
business growth and changing lives.

Business Growth and Changing Lives

For us the two go hand in hand.
By doing the former, the latter is self-sustaining – giving solutions for the long-term.
And as a direct result we reduce societal costs.

We’ve been doing this since 2011. So the advice and solutions provided come
from a highly experienced team that is completely ahead of the curve.


What else is different about ANTZ

We live what we deliver, with a diverse team – some have disabilities,
others have been long-term unemployed. 

You’ll find us highly-commercial, driven and connected to the community.
Every recommendation we make is commercially and socially viable.

We provide measurable impact. You get access to real-time reports, by individual,
giving you meaningful results.  

We offer a complete service from strategy to delivery.
You choose any part or all - values setting, culture-shifting, programme delivery and more.
See our services section for more details

We reach people most in need and most hidden from society, anywhere in the UK.

People. Yes, we’re nice people too.  Genuinely. We get things done,
but we treat everyone with respect. We don’t believe in ‘hierarchies’ –
you’ll as likely find our founder, Jen, in a boardroom as in a training session.