Why Do CSR?



Done well, CSR (or social value) gives you 
and your business many benefits.

It enables you to create a culture that changes lives – wiping out
commodity type CSR of painting walls or high-level strategies that have little impact.

You can change people’s lives - building their knowledge, confidence,
independence, and in many cases, providing fulfilling work.

You can grow and add value to your business - which then
funds and sustains your social value programme.

It does improve your employees' wellbeing - as they develop new skills
and see first-hand the difference they make.

-          You can find hidden talent for your organisation.

-          It helps secure new business and retain existing – as procurement teams 
give increased weight to social value impact.

-        Reduced costs to society - changing people’s lives mean they need 
less state help (eg. NHS or benefits).

Create greater impact through supply-chain CSR engagement – 
by having CSR as a requirement for suppliers, or involving suppliers in your project.